"Buy X get Y" not working with multiple products

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     a year ago

    Hey Guys,

    following question:
    I need to get "Buy X get Y" working.
    Requirement is to buy Item A and then you get Item B AND C added to the cart.

    But it only adds Item B to the cart, although Item C is added in the coupon.

    Any Idea?

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     a year ago


    The buy x get y add to cart will only add the first product it can add to the cart. So the scenario would not work.

    However I think you could do it with a parent coupon:

    Coupon A: Buy A get B, automatic add to cart
    Coupon B: Buy A get C, automatic add to cart
    Coupon C: Parent coupon, add A and B and process type to only if all apply

    Then give out coupon C. Please test it very well before using.