buy x get y free based on the same child product patterns

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     2 years ago

    We have bundled product offerings whereby 15 signature patterns are available across 10 different product lines. We're looking to do a promotion such that customers buying product x in abc pattern gets product y in the same abc pattern. All of our product lines are set up as parent child products with the parent container being the product line and the child product being the specific sku pattern of that product line. For example, the promotion may be: purchase a plush pad in any pattern and get a pacifier clip in the same pattern for free.

    How do we set up a buy x get y coupon in awocoupon pro such that it knows if the customer has bought parent / child (using the above example) plush pad in zoo frenzy pattern that they would have the pacifier clip in zoo frenzy added automatically to cart for free? As we have 15 patterns, there are 15 patterns that the customer may select and based on that selection, it would have to associate that particular pattern with another - all using the same coupon code.

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     2 years ago


    Think you would have to use a parent coupon for this. You would first setup each pattern promotion in buy x get y coupons. Then using a parent coupon, you would add all 15 buy x get y coupons, and set the process type as you need:
    - all that apply
    - first found match