buy x get y " each quantity"

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     11 months ago  last edited 11 months ago

    hi, is the option "each quantity" the way i can set up this coupon?

    buy 1000€ goods from 5 categories (product quantities you want)

    get 1 other product free

    if so: it is not working because of 3 error in console, and i can't choose categories nor products if this option is enabled.

    if not: how can i set this?


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     11 months ago


    If I understand correctly, you want customers to buy 1000 euros worth of items from any 5 categories, and receive a specific product free.  If so, then use 'overall quantity'.

    Value: 100%
    Minumum value: 1000
    Buy X:
     Number: 1
     Type: category
     Select: the 5 categories
    Get Y:
     Number: 1
     Type: product
     Select: the free product

    What error are you receiving in the console?