Buy x get y coupon not working for most customers

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     5 years ago

    Hey -- so I have a buy 2 get 1 free coupon set up. I am using Joomla 1.5.17 and VM 1.1.9. It's for a lash site

    I have been getting a lot of complaints that the code isn't working, and I can see that it has only been used once, so that is likely true. Though it works fine every time I log on and try to use it. I also seem to be missing the checkbox "Automatically add to cart 'Get Y' product" -- I didn't even know that was an option till reading these forums to try and fix this!

    Am I screwing up the settings? Here are my settings:

    Function type : coupon
    Function type 2 : Buy X get Y
    Coupon Code : LASHX419
    Published : Published
    Percent or Amount : Percent
    Value : 100.00000
    Process Type : First Found Match

    Numbers of Uses : 10
    Minimum Value : BLANK
    Maximum Discount Qty: BLANK
    Start Date : 1 April
    Expiration : 15 April
    Don't Mix Products : checked
    Admin Note : BLANK

    Customers : BLANK

    Buy X:
    Number : 2
    Type : Category (three categories selected)
    Include Selected

    Get Y:
    Number: 1
    Type : Category (three categories selected)
    Include Selected

    Thank your help!

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     5 years ago


    You will need to have the latest version of AwoCoupon installed to see the checkbox.

    For the number of uses, is that per customer? If so, then the customer is required to log in before using the coupon code. Maybe this is where the problem is, customers are trying to use it not logged in. You can go to awocoupon->configuration->error messages and change the not logged in error message to something more user friendly so the customer understands they have to log in to use it.