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     5 years ago


    I am using AWOCoupon with virtuemart 2 and using the Buy X get Y Feature, with the automatically add Y to cart option.

    My problem is my Y product is using custom field (It's a t-shirt, so buyers must select a size). AWOCoupon add the product to the cart without any custom field, so I get t-shirts without any size. Furthermore, it seems virtuemart doesn't currently allow to display the customfields in the cart itself, so I'm basically stuck with an invalid product in the cart.

    I know this is more a virtuemart problem than an AWOCoupon one, but does anyone have an idea on this?

    For the moment, I'll deactivate the automatically add to cart option and will insert an alert on my cart "You are eligible for a free Y because you purchased X" with a link to Y. This way, buyers will be force to add Y using the product page, thus selecting the custom fields accordingly. Maybe AWO could implement an "ALERT" option for this scenario...
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     5 years ago


    Yes, there are just situations where automatically adding to the cart would not work, like when there are required attributes. The only thing you could really do would be instead of creating the attributes as custom fields, create child products for each attribute. But that is probably overkill for adding automatically if you don't need the stock control.

    Adding a message is an interesting idea. Might consider that for future updates.