Buy one, get % off on subsequent items

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     7 years ago


    The site I’m working on sells bamboo products (bedding/pillow cases/robes/etc) and has AwoCoupon Pro installed.

    What I’m trying to do:
    Make a coupon so that when a user buys more than one set of sheets, any subsequent sheets added to the cart will be 30% off (example: if you buy five sheet products, FOUR of them will be 30% off).

    I’ve looked at the “Value Definition” part of the user_guide.html, along with a couple of the other forum posts in regard to this and have managed to ‘almost’ get there with a coupon I made, except for one small issue:

    If these items are in my cart:


    After the coupon is applied, all three ‘sheetset’ products are reduced by 30% (when I actually just need two of them to be reduced by 30%).

    So, in short, I’d like to know if Awocoupon is able to do this or if I need some accompanying component like the one mentioned here: (i.e. the “VirtueMart Purchasing Rules” extension).



    P.S. I don't know if this is helpful, but here's the info that's in my current coupon :


    -Function Type: Coupon
    -Function Type 2: Product
    -Coupon Code: Valentine
    -Published: Published
    -Percent or Amount: Percent
    -Discount Type: Specific
    -Value: (I left this empty)
    -Value Definition: 2-30;
    (note: in the popup for Value definition, I left “Apply Distinct Count” unchecked, so I don’t know if that effects anything)


    -I haven’t put anything in here yet


    -I haven’t chosen anyone specifically (as I want the coupon to be usable by anyone)


    -I selected my various sheet products and clicked “Add”, so they’re now in the bottom right box

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     7 years ago


    If the sheets are all the same price then yes, you could do it, otherwise, no you cannot.

    If using a 3rd party solution, verify the function can be done before purchasing.