buy 2 from x category +1from y category get overal automatic 5% discount

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     3 years ago

    hi i'm trying to setup a 5% automatic discount if a customer buys 2 items in a category + 1 item in a different category. how can i manage to do this?
    thank you in advance
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     3 years ago


    You would need to use a parent coupon. Here is how:

    Coupon A:
    Function Type > coupon
    Value > 5%
    Minimum Product Quantity > 2 specific
    Asset > select category x

    Coupon B:
    Function Type > coupon
    Value > 5%
    Asset > select category y

    Coupon C:
    Function Type > parent coupon
    Process Type > Only if All apply
    Asset > add coupon A and B

    Then add Coupon C to the automatic coupon list