Blank page after pressing confirm?

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     4 years ago

    Hi Seyi

    You helped me out with a number of points regarding the re-working/build of an existing site.
    I have completely reinstalled/built the site on a test server ( so I could upgrade virtuemart to 2.6.0 and upgrade a couple of plugin that to date have not been working correctly on the live site.
    I have upgraded theses to the latest versions and they are now working correctly. I have also upgraded AWOCoupon to the latest version.

    However I now have a new problem that I have isolated to AWOCoupon.
    All is well when I make a test purchase on any product, including the ones with the previously troublesome plugins.
    However when I try to test buy a product with a coupon applied (either automatically or manually added) it just goes to a blank page when I press confirm and not the credit card clearance page?

    Now I've taken a look at the error log and I found;
    [Wed May 07 09:22:08 2014] [warn] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method CouponHelper::setInUseCoupon() in /home/linweb30/b/ on line 874.

    This lead me to test the products without any coupon applied and hey presto it works, reapplied and I get the blank page again.

    Now you set the license to include this site for me but when I look at the local license on the test site it just states the live url. ( I did remove this local license and re-applied but it still the same.
    Could this be the reason and if so how can I get it working on the test url?

    Hope you can help.

    Many thanks

    Anthony Clarke
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     4 years ago


    This is not a problem with the license. The license url always states the primary website.

    For the error it seems you have some type of misconfiguration or something is out of sync. setInUseCoupon is a virtuemart function which should exist in
    /components/com_virtuemart/helpers/coupon.php CouponHelper::setInUseCoupon

    But for some reason when another virtuemart file is calling this function, it does not exist

    This function setinusecoupon was added in virtuemart 2.0.26, and is also in 2.6.0. I would advice to copyp over coupon.php from your install zip to your website.