aworefferal coupon fixed amount instead of percentage for the sponsor ?

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     5 years ago

    Hi Seyi,
    I'' ve read: Receives a customer than the 2.5% or X%... cashback on Their order.

    Is it possible to choose a fixed amount, eg € 5 (for sponsor) per order made ??by a friend ?

    My feeling is: the system of poucentage is not easy to manage to motivate purchases.

    thank you for your help

    for your info :
    I'm testing friends and sponsor, the system works great!
    I create a control state in virtuemart specifically to trigger the coupon for the sponsor to take count of mandatory cooling-off periods in France.
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     5 years ago


    Yes you can set a specific amount, when creating the rule, under the payment type. You can choose cumulative, and enter a value of 5 in the amount field, and under the order, delete the 'percent of order total' value.

    Im glad to hear you are finding it works great.