awocoupon unpublished after using by custumers but still activated in vmcoupon coupon list

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     4 years ago

    Just install awocoupon free with virtuemart 1.1.7 and joomla 1.5.25, cause vm doesn't apply % properly and this was the good advise.
    So now, do some test:
    I want to create coupons that i can give directly to custumers by flyer or mailing with the code created.

    I created 100 coupons with calc(OOo3), enter data and import it in awotable : jos_awocoupon in my server db
    After cheking in backend : all the coupons are listed in awocomponent -ok

    but the vm_coupon table is not update and so the awocoupon code is not found in the cart step

    So i import the data in vm_coupon.
    the custumer can use his coupon with correct calculation (thank you) -ok

    My problem is that awo unpublished the proper coupon -ok

    but virtuemart doesn't delete it from his list !
    Is this the right method - where am i wrong ?
    Can you help me? because i'm lost
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     4 years ago


    AwoCoupon does NOT use the vmcoupon table. So if you import it there, then it is working from virtuemart coupons and not awocoupon. If AwoCoupon is not working then likely the injection was not installed that would take over the coupon function of virtuemart. Go here:

    And click on Virtuemart 1.x tab. It has instructions on how to check and add the injections manually.
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     4 years ago

    Hi Seyi,

    Thank you for your answer.
    I thought it was linked. Actually, it's working as it schould !!! only with AWO !
    less job to do at least !
    Mille merci.