AWOCoupon PRO pre-sale question

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     8 years ago

    I am currently using the free version of AWO and I noticed that the PRO version imports coupons and I have a quick question re: that.

    We are using an Autoresponder ( which can create new coupons and mail them out to clients.

    As AWO totally replaces the VM coupon manager, would it be possible to have it constantly import the VM coupons or allow usage of VM coupons as well as AWO coupons?

    Other thing I would consider is perhaps a custom code (for pay of course); where it would import coupons from VM (skipping already imported coupons), add a custom expiration date (default 14 days for an example) - I am thinking this could be fairly easily done with a couple mysql calls, no?

    How does the PRO coupon report looks like? Anyway I could see a screenshot?
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     8 years ago

    Hi, that is an interesting request, to have awocoupon work along side virtuemart coupons. I think importing coupons might be a little harder, since you would need a trigger to constantly check for new coupons. Unless you are running a cron job, that can be sticky. But i would consider adding the ability to run vm codes also if there is demand for it.

    If you are using the autoresponder to generate coupons for new registration, then you might consider this:
    This requires editing of the template email, but its a pretty simple solution for registration coupons.

    On awocoupon pro product page, there are a few screen shots, here is the report screenshot:

    there is also a coupon list report, history of uses, and coupon vs location report. All reports are exportable to excel for further processing,