AwoCoupon Pro and AwoCoupon Email don't work with imported coupon

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     4 years ago

    I've payed the licenses for AwoCoupon Pro and AwoCoupon Email to send automatic emails for a next Christmas campaign to my new subscribers. The description of AwoCoupon Email says "AwoCoupon Email Plugin is a powerful plugin which works together with AwoCoupon to produce auto-generated emails with coupons. Based on specific criteria selected, automatic coupon emails can be set for new user registration, ".
    Unfortunately it's not clearly written anywhere the 2 products don't let to use imported coupons code!! (Import feature is only in the payed pro version)
    I imported my coupon codes that are available with Awocoupon Pro but Awocoupon Email works with coupon templates only and I understood coupon templates autogenerate their own coupon codes.

    I have found no way to use my imported coupon codes in AwoCoupon Email so I'm convinced more and more that first I'l lose my client and then I lost the money of the licences.

    Please, confirm my conclusion

    The 2 products work properly sending new subs email with coupon autogenerated using a coupon template

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     4 years ago


    Yes, you are right, the awocoupon email plugin only works with coupon templates and not importing codes.

    I will send you a private message with a possible solution.