Awocoupon for Prestashop won't update shipping coupon on address change

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     2 years ago

    Hi, I bought awocoupon for prestashop almost one year ago,
    I'm doing now some tests with the shipping coupon that I never used before, and I noticed several problems.
    I'm on Prestashop with AwoCoupon 1.2.3.

    I have several carriers binded to several zones with different fees, so if my coupon is 50% off the shipping rate, it should recalculate its value once the shipping fee is updated by prestashop.
    I noticed that this is how it works on the checkout carrier step: when I change carrier with another one that is more or less expensive, the coupon gets updated, great.

    That's exactly how should work when I change my address, and I choose one that it's binded with other carriers with different fees.
    But when I change my address, the coupon remain with the same amount even if it's not the right percentage of the shipping, and more important, if I go back to the step one, remove the coupon and reinsert the code (trying to update its amount), I'll get: "No record, unpublished or expired", and the coupon code won't work anymore.

    (In addiction, it should update its value even on the first checkout step if the shipping estimator module is active and it let me preview the shipping fee for different nations/zones, but that's not a big deal for now.)

    Does those behavior got fixed in the latest version of the module? (Tried to test that by myself on, but seems that the test user do not have the rights to configure zones/countries)
    If not, which is the method that updates the coupon value triggered when changing carrier?
    And how should I call that when changing address?
    I saw there is no specific prestashop hook for that event, but it seems that processAddress() in the OrderController class get triggered after submit the address on checkout. Any hint?


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     2 years ago


    I am not sure I understand completely. I think i would like to see it in action. I have given access to zone/country on the demo site. Can you configure it? If you need more permissions let me know.
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     2 years ago

    Thank you!

    I configured two carriers binding them to different zones with different fees, and change the address during checkout seems to work quite well.
    The only thing I noticed is that if I change the address, then I go back to step 1 instead to go further to the payment step, the coupon value isn't updated, but that not a big deal since it gonna be updated in the payment step.
    It would be nice to test having the shipping estimator module activated though, but that's not a priority for me now.

    Now I'm trying to figure out why I'm experiencing those behaviour I described. If it's a matter of older version of prestashop itself or older version of the module, or whatever else, so I sent you a mail to have a local license again to do few tests.

    Is there a public changelog that keeps track of the bug fixes? If not, do you remember if you handled those fix after version 1.2.3 ?

    Thank you again.