Awocoupon not creating coupons in virtuemart

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     11 years ago

    I am running Joomla 1.5.22, VM 1.1.5 with the Mynxx theme from Rocketthemes. I am also running VMsef.

    I have been using the built in coupon function of VM but was finding it insufficient so thought I would try this. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work. It installed correctly but just to be sure I have checked the ps_coupon.php and it seems to be installed properly:
    Line 133:
    /* function to remove coupon coupon_code from the database */
    function remove_coupon_code( &$d ) {

    return require_once (JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR.DS."components".DS."com_awocoupon".DS."assets".DS."virtuemart".DS."ps_coupon_remove.php");
    /* remove the coupon coupon_code */

    Line 158:
    /* function to process a coupon_code entered by a user */
    function process_coupon_code( $d ) {
    return require_once (JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR.DS."components".DS."com_awocoupon".DS."assets".DS."virtuemart".DS."ps_coupon_process.php");
    global $VM_LANG, $vmLogger;

    Unfortunately, creating a coupon in Components-Awocoupon in Joomla backend does not create a coupon in Virtuemart-coupon. Also, in the frontend I get an error - Coupon code not found. Please try again.

    Coupons are published and enabled in VM. I have set up the coupon as follows:
    Coupon Code uniq5
    Function Type Coupon
    Number of Uses per customer #1
    Percent or Total Total
    Discount Type Overall
    Value 5
    Minimum Value
    Expiration (YYYY-MM-DD)

    Can anyone possibly explain where the problem may be?

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     11 years ago

    I have figured out that the problem is that the Number of Uses is causing the problem. I can only set this to total; if I try to set it to per customer the coupon fails.

    Is this something to do with my configuration?
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     11 years ago

    Sorry about the posts above - I see this is a common problem.
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     11 years ago

    i think you have it figured out but just to clarify, the coupon code is failing because the customer is not logged in. here are the situations where the customer would need to be logged in to use the coupon code
    - number of uses set per customer (need to verify the customer has not used the code too many time)
    - select specific users
    - select specific shopper group (need to verify the customer belongs to the shopper group)

    You can create friendly error messages by going to awocoupon->configuration screen and changing the default messages.