AWO Pro suddenly stops accepting coupons

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     5 years ago

    A customer just informed me that our free shipping coupon stopped working. I have tested this and cannot get AWO Coupon Pro to accept the coupon. I get a standard error. I have tried creating a new coupon with the same qualities and still it is not accepted.

    I have not changed any settings in our VM instance. Any suggestions? I looked at install status and everything is fine.

    As a pro user do I get free updates to the software? I noticed it is an older version.
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     5 years ago


    You have free upgrades for up to a year, after that you would have to renew. Here is the upgrade process:

    For the shipping problem, in awocoupon->configuration do you have "Enable entry of shipping coupon before shipper is selected" set to yes? Also if still having problems, have you gone to awocoupon->configuration->error messages and changed the error messages to something identifiable to see where the coupon code is failing?