Awo Email Login - Joomla Plugin

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     6 years ago

    Joomla 1.5.22


    After installing the plugin... I still had to change the Language file in Joomla so the registration page read 'email' and not 'user name.' Is this typical.

    Also, I have a very long domain name, and when I looked at the usernames/email in Joomla backend, I see the the end of all the username/emails are cut-off (missing the last several characters...

    I wonder if Awo Email Login - Joomla Plugin is working properly...

    Or, do I need to increase the amount of characters Joomla accepts for usernames?

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     6 years ago

    The email plugin performs one simple function, it allows the user to log in with their email address. It does not alter the language file or the display of the usernames/emails in the backend.

    Not everybody uses the same thing. There are many modules for login in the JED. So as you have done, yes you would need to alter the language file or module you are using for the display of "email".

    Im not sure why you would have missing characters when viewin ghte display of username/emails. To verify it is not Awo Email, disable it (or uninstall it) and see if it still happens.