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     2 years ago

    I apologize if this is a repost from past forum questions. I searched and couldn't find anything similar.

    I am using SClogin, Jfbconnect, Jomsocial and Joomla. I installed AWO Email and it is working great!

    1) However, I am trying to change the Username to Username / Email in my login entry box.
    I have changed the language files:
    But the language is not changing.

    2) When I tried to change the password in the frontend Edit Profile > Account Details, I get this error message, "Email already exists. Please choose a different email."

    Any help would be very greatly appreciated.
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     2 years ago


    1. Are you changing these directly in the language file or using overrides? I would suggest using an override if not by going to admin->extensions->language manager->override tab. Also there, you can search for the word username and should be able to find all instances where username is used and can add an override for them. If that is not working then the module/component you are using for logging in may have username hardcoded. In which case you would need to modify the template

    2. Are you sure this is a problem with awo email? I have the latest joomla installed, 3.4.6 using awo email and do not see this problem. In admin->extensions->plugins, disable awo email and try it again.