AWO Coupons Importing from Virtuemart 3

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     a year ago

    I have spent days trying to make coupon data from Virtuemart 3 fit the Excel model provided. Basically it's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

    First of all I would like to emphasis that the primary reason for purchasing this coupon extension was so we could easily import from the Virtuemart 3 coupons table, however once you get into this, the data required to be entered into the spreadsheet does not exist in the standard coupons table. Also terminology and stored values are different.

    Has anyone managed to successfully achieve this and have any pointers or examples that can help.

    My MySQL skills are good. If anyone has an SQL query that adequately provides data that I can export in the right format please let me know...

    Alternatively, I will have to build something that will work that at best would be time consuming.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...


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     a year ago


    The easiest way to import coupons from Virtuemart 3 coupons to AwoCoupon coupons is to install the free version.  On installation, it automatically runs a script to grab all coupons from Virtuemart into AwoCoupon.  This is not available in the pro version, because in the pro, you have an option that will allow Virtuemart coupons to work alongside AwoCoupon coupons.

    I would not use the spreadsheet for this.  If you have already installed the pro version and want to get the Virtuemart coupons imported, then using the same sql used in the free version will do this.  Here is what the free version does:
    Line 153, function install_migrate_vmcoupons()