Awo Coupon for Virtuemart 2.0

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     5 years ago

    Hi there,
    a year and a half ago I purchased a license for Awocoupon pro for Virtuemart 1.0.
    Now I'm developing the same site but with Virtuemart 2.0.
    Is the license already purchased valid for Virtuemart 2.0?
    Also, I installed the free version of Awo coupons, in the test environment, but can not find the tab to insert the license.
    I guess I'll have to download the pro version ... but the license is used for version 1.0 will be valid?
    And how it will work in the development period?
    Basically for the same period of development I will have Awo Pro 1.0 in production environment and Awo pro 2.0 in test environment.
    Then I'll have to buy two licenses?
    Sorry for my bad English and thank's for the reply!
    Best Regards
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     5 years ago


    The license you purchased is valid for virtuemart 1 only. However, since your purchase was before Virtuemart 2 was released you are entitled to a free upgrade for AwoCoupon 2. This deal is valid only till the end of this Year, 2012. If your updates have expired you will need to renew in order to download the new file. If you want to take advantage of the upgrade please send an email through the contact us letting us know.

    The free version does not have a license, only the pro. You do not need more than one license for development and production. Please read more on how the licensing works here: