AWO Coupon Joomla Update server not woking any more?

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     2 months ago

    My system check shows a new AWO coupon version should be updated however any attempt to update are unsucessful and when clicking on the link for manual update, it shows the server link is not found i.e. 404...
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     2 months ago  last edited 2 months ago

    To get the joomla update working:

    Go to joomla admin > extensions > manage > update sites. Delete any AwoCoupon entry(s) and rebuild.  Your AwoCoupon link should be pointing to

    Now that you have loaded the xml file, you need to now load the subscription data into it.  To do this, go to awocoupon, delete your subscription and re-add it.  This will load the subscription data into the update sites url. 

    Then go to extension > manage > update and clear cache before running the update again.