Is Awo Coupon Compatible with ECC

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     7 years ago

    Hello I recently installed Awo Coupon on a clients virtuemart page, and it works phenominally. But shortly after they wished integrate their Quickbooks with the ir store aswell so i added on webgilities ECC software and it seemed ok, until my client used her first coupon with the ECC installed.
    When it took the coupon witht he purchased product it imported the coupon itself as a product aswell.
    I know this may be a bit of a long shot but i was wondering if anyone might have some pointers or ideas of what i could do to rectify this.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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     7 years ago

    this sounds like it might be a problem with the ecc software. Have you contacted them about it? I dont understand how it can mistake a coupon for a product. There are not any extra tables or columns within Virtuemart.