Automatic removal of Y product from Buy X get Y coupon

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     a year ago

    I have set up a "Buy X get Y" coupon, where if you buy 2 of any product from the selected categories you get 1 free product. It is also set up to be an automatic discount.
    The problem with this is if you add 10 X products to your cart, you will get 5 free Y products - but if you then update the amount of X products, so you have (for example) 6 X products in your cart, then the amount of Y products won't be adjusted automatically along with it.

    Is it possible to set this up?
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     a year ago


    AwoCoupon will only add products to the cart, it does not delete any. There are complications in deleting but will be looking into it to see if it is something that can be added in a future version.