Automatic discounts

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     10 days ago

    Good morning, I have created a coupon of, buy X and Get Y, and I have made it automatic so that when buying products of a specific category I give you a product, the problem I have is that if after arriving in the shopping cart to pay, I remove the product from the category that causes me to add the gift product to the cart, this gift is not automatically removed and remains with the rest of the items in the order.
    What would be the solution so that if I remove from the order the product of the category that automatically adds the gift, it disappears when I delete it?

    Thank you very much for the help.
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     8 days ago


    Not sure I fully understand.  Are you saying, that in AwoCoupon, you have "Automatically add to cart 'Get Y' product" checked and you are adding the coupon automatically to the cart.  This works fine when user adds a product from a special category.  If the user deletes the product from the special category, the gift product is not removed?

    If so, are you using the latest?  Because as of version, the option "Automatically delete from cart 'Get Y' product", which you can now check.