Automatic Discount amount removed when Gift Certificate code added

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     2 years ago

    Joomla 2.5.19
    Virtuemart 2.0.26d
    AWO Coupon Pro 2.3.8
    VP Megamart template

    We have a bonus product automatically added to the cart by Virtuemart Bonus Products when a shopper spends over $X. An AWO coupon automatic discount is set to apply when the minimum spend is met and the bonus item is in the cart. All works perfectly until a shopper adds a Gift Certificate code in the checkout, which makes the automatic discount amount disappear. The word (Discount) still appears along with the Gift Certificate code, but the discount amount is no longer applied.

    We have activated multiple coupons and tried many different settings, but the Automatic Discount amount always disappears when a Gift Certificate code is entered. The discount amount re-appears and is applied correctly if the Gift Certificate code is removed.
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     2 years ago


    Does the gift certificate cover the cost of the cart? If so maybe the gift certificate is being processed first? If so maybe changing this option to yes in awocoupon configuration would fix it: Reorder gift certificates last

    Do you get the same result if you use a normal coupon and not a gift certificate?

    I would also try disabling vm bonus temporarily and then testing it.