Apply Distinct at Value definition

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     2 years ago

    I have 9 products, I want to give customers 10% discount on each product for which they bought 10 pcs or more.
    I think I have to do this with the Value definition. But I cannot get it to function.
    Only when I uncheck the Distinct box, the Coupon is accepted and discount is given. But that means that the customer can mix those 9 products to have a pcs total of more then 10, that's not what I want. It needs to be more than 10 per product, and then the customer should get 10% for that specific product, of which the bought more then 10 pcs.

    Hope you understand what I mean to do.
    How should I configure this?
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     2 years ago


    The distinct checkbox would not work for that. For your requirements you would need to use a parent coupon:

    Coupon 1: 10% discount on product 1 if 10 or more pieces
    Coupon 2: 10% discount on product 2 if 10 or more pieces
    ... all the way to 9
    Coupon Parent: parent coupon where you add all 9 coupons and set process type to all that apply

    Then give out the parent coupon