allowing for coupon to apply to only one product...

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     8 years ago

    Hello, this is a bit cumbersome, I have a client who would like to have a coupon that will apply a discount to only one product in the cart... ie., all products are qualified to receive the discount... however, when the customer has ten of a myriad of products in the cart, while they all qualify to receive the discount, they should only have the discount to apply to one item in the cart, not all ten.

    Is that possible to do? I hope it is understandable what I am asking... this component is wonderful... I just need that last little capability...

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     8 years ago

    Hi, i think i am a little confused. What i think you are asking is you would like to make a coupon that applies to 1 product. So if a customer puts 10 different products in the cart, and 1 of the products is this specific product, then discount on just that one specific product.

    If that is the case, then yes, awocoupon can do this. When creating a coupon just be sure to select a discount type of "Specific" and then select the product from the product list. This ensures that when this coupon is used, only the product selected from the list will be discounted.