After AWO upgrade, 100% discount coupon fails to change Status from Pending to Confirmed

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     6 years ago

    Today, I upgraded AWO Coupon Pro to version 1.3.5.

    After that I tested our 100% discount coupon code that is tied to a $10 downloadable product. It was a single, lone sale for just the downloadable product only.

    As is normal, the 100% discount coupon code changed the purchase amount to $0. But now, the download code is not being e-mailed to the customer, nor is the download code found with the Purchase Order in the customer's Order Information under VM's Account Maintenance. The Purchase Order status remains at Pending, which I assume is because the purchase amount was $0.

    This used to work because that is the main reason that we purchased a AWO Coupon Pro last October.

    Any ideas?

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     6 years ago

    The status update of your orders actually takes place in Virtuemart. AwoCoupon never updates the status of orders. Did you upgrade Virtuemart too? Here is a possible solution I wrote up in the Virtuemart forum: