Add 3 products for same manufacturer and get 10% discount overall

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     2 years ago

    Hi there, I purchased the pro version and want to do the following:

    If a customer buys 3 products from 1 specific manufacturer then a 10% discount is applied
    If a customer buys 4 products from 1 specific manufacturer then a 15% discount is applied.

    I hve the pro version and i know how to automatically add the coupon on the cart so i just want to know how to set up the priginal coupon and not the automated.

    Thank you in advance
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     2 years ago


    You would use a parent coupon for this. I am assuming the specific manufacturer is the same in both scenarios:

    Coupon 1: min quantity specific: 3, discount: 10%, select the manufacturer
    Coupon 2: min quantity specific: 4, discount: 15%, select the manufacturer
    Coupon 3: parent coupon, add coupons 1 and 2 where you order the highest discount first, so coupon 2 then coupon 1, and set process type to first found match

    Then use coupon 3