Interaction AWO Affiliate and AWO Referral

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     8 years ago


    Here some presale questions.

    I use AWO Coupon Pro and AWO Referral.

    How is AWO Affiliate linked to AWO Referral ?

    Can the Affiliate User see the sales occured with the affiliate coupon code also in AWO Refferal or are they totally seperated ?

    Is it possible to use also rules in AWO Affiliate like in AWO Referral ?

    Use case:
    The Affiliate sends a coupon code to potential new users. If a sales occurs with his coupon code, he will get his commision. Is this limited to a one time comission ? I would like to pay a commision to the affilliate for EVERY sale that occurs from the new user without having them to reenter the coupon code. Would this be possible ?

    Thanks and br
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     8 years ago


    AwoAffilate and AwoReferral are not linked, they are separate components,which are both linked to AwoCoupon Pro. In the front end you can create a screen to see the commissions by the affiliate component and a separate screen by the referral component.

    And for the use case, the commission is tied to the coupon code. So if the customer uses the coupon code multiple times, the affiliate will receive a commission. Without the coupon code, there is no comission.