Initial Registration by User

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     8 years ago

    Hi seyi,

    I understand that when an affiliate wants to register in our website to become an affiliate only, he has to use Joomla's registration module. How is he supposed to inform the website admin that he wants to become an affiliate and receive some coupon codes? Ideally he should be able to do that during registration but this doesn't seem possible. Does he have to use the normal contact form or is there any other more efficient way?

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     8 years ago

    Hi Chris,

    This part is managed fully by the website, and most likely cannot be done through normal registration unless custom coded for.

    What you can do is create a link (affiliate) on the front end for the customer. By default, if a non logged in user or non affiliate clicks on this link, they are automatically forwarded to the home page. You can change this in the awoaffiliate->configuration to a page specifying how the affiliate works and what they would need to do to become one.