Coupon usage only partially recorded and affiliate commission not showing

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     10 years ago

    Hello Seyi,

    I am using AWO Coupon and AWO Affiliate. Thought it was working all right now but it doesn't. Someone just used a coupon code linked to an affiliate. Order went through perfect (Credit Card Payment and Confirmed Status). Usage of the coupon in AWO coupon recorded partially. It is listed in the Usage History but Order Number and Order Date remained empty in the Usage History. And it does not show in the affiliate's front end report.

    Since a little while actually, the order number and order date don't seem to record anymore. I guess at this point I should give you access to the backend. How can i send you the login info safely?

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     10 years ago

    yes, if the order number is not being recorded, it will not show up in affiliates as it needs this information. have you taken a look at awocoupon->installation? there is an install there for order number, verify it is installed. I can certainly look at your installation. You can send me a private message or use the contact us page.