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     a year ago  last edited a year ago

    I notice that commission is calculated on one of two choices:

    1) Order Total

    2) Order Total no Shipping

    Question is,  why is a commission paid on sales tax??? If we pay out a commission on the total price (product+sales tax), we are paying out a commission that is more than the agreed upon amount. Why? Because when the tax board collects sales tax, they don't give us a discount!

    I can't think of a situation where we would want to pay a commission on tax... so "Order Total no Shipping" should be the total of all products (not including sales tax).

    Is there a way I can edit this?

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     a year ago

    Is this a Virtuemart site?  If so, here is something you can try, in the file:

    www/administrator/components/com_awoaffiliate/helpers/estore/estorecommissionhandler.php, around 36 is this:
    elseif($row->commission_type=='product_total'$total $row->order_total-$row->order_shipping-$row->order_shipping_tax;

    Change that to this:
    elseif($row->commission_type=='product_total') {
                    $total = (float) $db->setQuery'SELECT order_total - order_shipment - order_billTaxAmount FROM #__virtuemart_orders WHERE virtuemart_order_id=' $row->order_id )->loadResult();