Affiliate Commission on purchases

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     3 years ago

    Hi there,

    I have installed the coupon component and the affiliate and rewards components,

    I have been simulating purchases with coupons created and added to the affiliates in AwoAffilaite but it not crediting the affiliates on purchases...

    I have then tried create the same in your demo here.. I added a coupon to the affilaite user coolbananas and used the coupon to purchase on the front end.. the coupon gave me the discount but on the backend and on the fronteend for affiliate there is no record of this transaction or due commission.

    In your demo site:

    I can see the transaction in the transaction history

    But in the affiliate there is no record..

    Payment Date

    Coupon CodeAffiliateCommission RateCommission TypeOrdersCommission EarnedCommission PaidID110discountcoolbananas [View]20% Order total no shipping 0 0.000.00 2

    Please advise

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     3 years ago

    On the demo site, the issue is the affiliate the coupon is attached to is using it.  AwoAffiliate automatically excludes the affiliate from earning commission on his own coupon.