AwoRewards - your superior promo package for Virtuemart, Hikashop, Redshop

\We have listened to your suggestions and are proud to bring you the super powerful AwoRewards!

AwoRewards works with AwoCoupon, and is a combination of AwoReferral and AwoCoupon Email boosted with social media promotions! It supports Virtuemart, Hikashop, and Redshop shopping carts.

All features of AwoReferral and all features of AwoCoupon Email have been implemented, which makes these two products somewhat obsolete, but we decided to keep them in case some entrepreneurs need only these functionalities.

So let’s talk about AwoRewards and what can it do for you.

There are essentially 3 big promo areas that AwoRewards cater for:

  • Referrals
  • Social media promotions – Facebook, Twitter
  • Other email based promotions


Refer a friend is a very popular promotion and one that can expand your customer base significantly. AwoRewards brings you flexibility and gives you options, so you can tailor Refer a friend promotions to suit your needs and your customer base whether your store runs on Virtuemart, Hikashop, or Redshop.

Firstly, I’d like to talk about the type of rewards available. In general, you can reward sponsor, friend, or both with either points or instant coupons/gift cards.

Instant coupons can be any coupon that can be created in AwoCoupon. Now, those of you who have AwoCoupon know that the possibilities are enormous. Anything from money off, percentage off, free shipping, free gifts, buy one get one free, 2 for 3, to gift cards and more. You can limit these coupons by specific conditions, such as minimum order total, number of uses, time frame of validity, or exclude products on special. Instant coupons are generated automatically and sent to customers via email. You can customize the looks of the coupon using profiles capability within AwoCoupon.

Points can be awarded instead of instant coupons. The store administrator sets up in the backend how many points will be awarded and what action triggers the award. Once the trigger event has been completed the points are deposited in the customers’ account. The payout can be set to automatic or to be requested by customer from their account. The amount can be limited to a minimum payout. There are 2 methods of paying out the points. One or both can be enabled by the admin in the backend. One option is to get paid with a gift card; other is to get paid via Paypal. The admin will set the conversion ratio in the backend and it can be different for payment with gift card and different for payment with Paypal transfer. So, for example, you run your Virtuemart, Hikashop, or Redshop store and you want to motivate your customer to choose a gift card option (as it will bring you new sales), you will set your ratios to pay out 1.25 EUR for every 1 point, while having 1 EUR for every 1 point if paying out by Paypal.

Trigger events are actions taken by sponsors and/or friends which, when completed, cause the points or instant coupons to be automatically delivered. These events can be friend’s registration, order completion, or a product review.

Secondly, I’d like to point out a very handy personal short url feature. When a sponsor emails a url to a friend, or posts it on their Facebook wall, instead of having a lengthy url a short url can be used instead (must be enabled by the administrator).  AwoRewards has implemented Google's shortner api to create a link for the sponsor that is easier to share.

Thirdly, it is very easy for your customers to refer their friends thanks to functionality which enables them to download all their contacts from their gmail account or yahoo account. No need to manually add tens of email address. But of course, for those customers who don’t have these email accounts there is always an option to add email addresses manually, or import them using a text file. If the customer is a gmail and/or yahoo account holder, and they download all their contacts, for referrals they have the option to un/select which email addresses they want the invitation to be sent to.

Speaking about the invitation, the store administrator can set up the invitation text; however they can also enable the customer to add a personal message for their friends.


Being your customer has never been more rewarding then when you started using AwoRewards! Many promotional options on many marketing fronts in your Virtuemart, Redshop, or Hikashop shopping cart. From friend referrals to Facebook and Twitter, from points payouts via Paypal to instant personalized coupons. Think of your shop and start rewarding your customers now!

For more details on specific functionality please refer to Documentation. If you have any questions and/or comments please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


For all those of you who have Aworeferral already and would like to change to Aworewards we offer 20% off if you buy by the end of December 2013.  Please contact us for details.

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