Virtuemart Rewards exception

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     9 years ago

    is there any way to configure awo rewards for NOT give points if user is on a special group? I have a shopper group with special prices and I dont wanna give points in this case.

    Thank you in advance.
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     9 years ago


    Currently no, there isn't. But that is a good idea, will add it to a list of items to look at. But if could update the code to get this to work. Assuming you are using virtumart,

    in www/administrator/components/com_aworewards/helpers/estore/estorerewardshandler.php, around line 934 is this
    private function credit($_type,$sponsor,$recipient,$rule,$order=null) {
    $db JFactory::getDBO();
    $credit_user $_type=='everyone' $recipient : ${$_type};
    $referral_id = !empty($sponsor->rid) ? $sponsor->rid 'NULL';
    //if(empty($credit_user->id)) return;
    if(empty($credit_user->email)) return; // cannot use id because of guest checkouts

    Right after that add this:
    if(! $credit_user->is_guest) {
    $special_shopper_group_id 3;
    $sql 'SELECT virtuemart_shoppergroup_id FROM #__virtuemart_vmuser_shoppergroups WHERE virtuemart_user_id='.(int)$credit_user->id;
    $shopper_group_ids $db->loadResultArray();
    $shopper_group_ids)) {
    $db->setQuery('SELECT virtuemart_shoppergroup_id FROM #__virtuemart_shoppergroups WHERE published=1 AND `default`=1');
    $shopper_group_ids = array($db->loadResult());
    in_array($special_shopper_group_id$shopper_group_ids)) return; // do not credit special shopper group

    You will have to set $special_shopper_group_id to the actual id of th eshopper group you want to exclude.

    And this would exclude user of shopper group id 3 from receiving any reward from any rules you have setup.