[Prestashop] add points to all subscribers to the site

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     3 years ago

    Hello, I would like to add points to all members of the site who are registered on the site and assign them for the registration made even if it took place a year ago.
    How should I do?

    thanks a lot

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     3 years ago  last edited 3 years ago

    - Create registration rule
    - set the start date as far back in the past as you want users to receive points for registration
    - then manually run cron, aworewards > configuration > cron, there is a link, which you can manually run

    I believe a cron job is set to run a maximum of 100, not sure how many users you have, this might be too small. You can temporarily change the limit by going to /modules/aworewards/aworewards/library/class-aworewards-library-reward.php, and update the code around the top
    var $max_process 100;