Things we have needed in the past

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    s chris    
     7 years ago

    I put this on the actual VirtueMart site when I was looking for a coupon system. I bought yours and like it a lot. I'm just posting this here for ideas, you cover most of these.
    Same percent off or dollars off with single or permanent use we have now.


    Ability to set cut off dates and times for the promo code. (If my shipping cut off is 4pm December 23rd, I want to cut off the promo code for free shipping by then)

    Buy one product, get another free. (Buy a bicycle, get a free helmet)

    Buy one product and get free shipping on that product. Either just that item free, or all shipping free. Would apply to as many shipping methods as you like. Free three-day would give you all lesser methods free.

    Spend $X and get free shipping method.
    Spend $X and get free shipping upgrade.
    Spend $X and get percent or amount off order.

    Apply to all orders. (Everyone gets the coupon if they met the criteria without entering the code. Great for free shipping offers, however allow customers to change the code entered in case they have a better one. Like %5 off on your order, but you have free overnight shipping.)

    Apply to all orders from certain shopper groups.