[Resolved] Fixed amount discount per item quantity

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     7 years ago

    I'm looking for a special discount type: I distribute software, and sometime I need to give a fixed amount discount for a certain item quantity: i.e.,it may bethat there is an item for wich I have to give let's say 10.00 EUR of discount if you buy 1 (one) piece, 20 EUR if you buy 2 pcs, 30 EUR if you buy 3 pcs, and so on (10 euros per each single item added to the cart). In addition, it could be necessary to offer fixed increasing discount (i.e 1 pcs -> 10eur, 2 pcs -> 22 eur, 3 pcs 35 eur, etc). Is AWO coupon pro able to set up this kind of discount tables? If not, is there a possibility you can include it in a very near future release? I currently use the free version, but I'm very interest to buy the PRO one, and having this further feature will make me very happy :-) And obvioulsy, thank you for your very good free product.
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     7 years ago

    Hello, thanks for your comments. From what I have read, i believe AwoCoupon Pro already has the ability. There is an option to create cumulative coupons within the pro version in which you define. You gave 2 examples and I will tackle the second one first. Cumulative coupons would work for that, because you can define the discounts. So within the table you could enter:

    1 => 10
    2 => 22
    3 => 35

    This would translate to if you buy 1 item, you get 10 eur discount. If you buy 2 items you get a 22 euro discount total. And if you buy 3 or more items, you get a 35 euro discount total. Now you could also do this with percents and using the above example, if you buy 1 item you get a 10% discount, 2 items then 22% discount, otherwise 3 or more items then 35% discount.

    For the first example, you want to give a 10 euro discount for each extra item bought. For this, i think it would be better to use percentage. Lets say you have an item that is 50 euros then you could set up a coupon to give 20% discount. Which in effect would give a 10 euro discount for every item bought. If you just want to give the discount, for example, to just the first 5 items, then in that case you could setup a cumulative coupon as shown above.

    I realize this may not be easy to follow, but I hope i didnt confuse you.