Status remains on Pending testing in local gift certificates with paypal sandbox payment

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     a year ago

    Hi Seyi,
    I have the Awocoupon Pro 2.4.8 on Joomla 3.5.1 and Virtuemart 3.0.16.
    I'm making some test with gift certificates in local and I have a problem.... when the test buyer buys the certificate and pays for it through Paypal (I'm using sandbox for tests) the order never goes to confirmed status (as happens in the live site in production) but it's always on Pending status; if I change manually the status to confirmed everything works properly. Do the status don't change due to the fact I'm in local but live it will works properly?
    Thank you for your answer, bye.
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     a year ago


    The issue you are having is not really an AwoCoupon problem, it is a problem between paypal and your localhost. For some reason paypal is having trouble sending you the ipn to complete the order. As it is working when you manually complete the order, I am confident it will also work when it is automatically completed by paypal.