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     10 days ago

    We have the following serious problem in 5 live websites.
    We have installed the latest version of Awocoupon and VP OnePageCheckout.
    When we insert a coupon, the discount is calculated and appears in the cart just before the confirmation of the order.
    When the order is completed, the price before the discount appears to the user and is used for payments.

    I have contacted Jumbo from VP OnePage Checkout and after some research he answered me this: 

    It appears to be a bug in latest version of AWO Coupon Pro. It is removing the coupon codes every time the cart page is reloaded. It has added few VP One Page Checkout plugin specific codes in the component which is generating this issue.

    As far as VP One Page Checkout plugin is concerned, we have not made any changes in the codes for coupons or for AWO Coupon.

    I would suggest that you please contact the developer of AWO Coupon so that they can fix the issue.

    Could you check and resolve the issue please?

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     10 days ago  last edited 10 days ago

    Possible to have a look at the issue directly?  If so can you send temp access via private message?

    Is it a one time use coupon?

    If so, you may be dealing with this problem:

    In which case, updating the 'Order state to trigger coupon processing' in AwoCoupon -> Configuration to something other than order created should fix it.
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     8 days ago

    Unfortunately this is not the case.

    Let's say you create an order. Total order 100$

    You are in the cart and input the coupon. You immediately see the discount. Let's say total ammount you have to pay is now 90$.

    You complete the order and proceed to pay. 

    The displayed ammount you have to pay is again 100$ when it should be 90$.

    I am sending access through private message