The No record, unpublished or expired error

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     4 years ago

    Hi Seyi,

    I have the stranged thing which probably is a settings-issue, but I cannot find it. Hopefully you can help.
    I am working with:
    Joomla! 2.5.11
    AwoCoupon Pro 2.1.3
    VM 2.0.20b

    I am using automatic coupons, which work fine unless a user logs in before finishing the order. The order cannot be confirmed and reads the following error "No record, unpublished or expired".

    The automatic coupons have the following similar settings (only different percentage values an minimum values):

    Function Type Coupon
    Function Type 2 Product
    Coupon Code AUTOKORTIN10
    Published Published
    Discount Type Specific
    Value 10
    Number of Uses -empty-
    Minimum Value specific 50.000
    rest is empty

    customers: no customers selected
    products: two products excluded

    Hope you can help me out. Already thanks a lot.

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     4 years ago


    Can you upgrade? Looking at the release notes, this was resolved in 2.1.6, specifically:

    "Fixed Virtuemart error where entering multiple coupons while anonymous causes a coupon not found error after logging in"