How to add voucher to reminder

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     a year ago


    Sorry but I haven't found solution.

    I would like to put coupon code to email, which should be sent after 14 days since the baying date. Simple but:

    1) I set profil
    2) I put it to reminder and set sending it after 14 days.

    What I don't know:
    1) How to put coupon code to profil. As to be shown in {vouchers}
    2) How make the specific coupon valid 21 days from sending date (such coupons might be a big number every day). I don't want to make coupons with specific date.
    3) Are these coupons generated every time the reminder emails?

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     a year ago


    These are the tags for reminder:


    So you could use {voucher} tag for the coupon code.

    1. For reminders, you can ignore the {vouchers} tag.
    2. if you are manually creating the coupon in awocoupon backend, then you would have to select the specific date
    3. No, it simply reads the date the coupon expires, and if it is, for example, 14 days to expire and your reminder is set for 14 days, then it will automatically send

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     a year ago

    Thank you Seyi

    It was misunderstanding. I thought that reminder refers to the date of last purchase and I can remind customers about new offer for example 14 days since their last order. But it reminds that the voucher hasn't been used yet.

    Ok. now I understand all.

    Thank you.