Exclude products from coupon

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     5 years ago


    I have created a template coupon to give an incremental discount on product A and want to exclude products B, C, D, etc. I am using Acymailing to generate a newsletter with coupons based on this template.

    My settings are: function= coupon, type = product, published = template, percent/amount = percent, type = specific, value = empty, value definition = 1-0;2-10;3-10;4-15;5-15;6-20;7-20;8-25;9-25;10-30; box 'apply distinct discount' = checked

    When I apply a coupon to an excluded product, I get the message "discount not valid for this product", which is good. When I apply it to the included product, I get the proper discount. This is also good.

    BUT: when I have both an excluded product AND an included product in my shopping cart, I get the discount for BOTH products. This is wrong. How can I correct this ASAP??

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     5 years ago

    Ignore the above message please. The coupon I ws testing this with, had an (old) type=overall setting. With type=specific, it works fine.