Error when importing

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     5 years ago

    I'm trying to import 1000 gift certificate codes.
    I have a csv file with ID, Published, Coupon Code, Funtion Type, Percent or Amount and Value columns in it.

    When uploading it gives me an error:

    ID: 1;"KR0385540";"Published";"Gift Certificate";;"Percent";;100
    -- That coupon code already exists. Please try again
    -- Not enough columns to process

    for all 1000 codes. What am I missing.
    If possible reply ASAP as I need it working by tomorrow evening.

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     5 years ago


    The easiest way to get an import template is to create a coupon, in your case a gift certificate. Then go to awocoupon->reports->coupon list and run reports. Then export it to excel. You now have an import template. If you change the coupon code to something unique, you can then import it.