Coupon discount is recalculated incorrectly when changing Currency

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     7 years ago


    I have a small problem with AwoCoupon. Whenever I use a coupon with total discount, the coupon discount gets recalculated incorrectly if I change currency.
    For example:

    I add a single 7.49 Euro item into the cart.
    Then I enter coupon code. Let's say it is a €10 coupon. Coupon value calculates correctly and my cart has €0.00 total because coupon value is higher than order total.
    Now I change currency to, let's say, British Pound. Both item price and coupon value get recalculated. Now the item price is 6.40 pounds, while the coupon value is 5.47. In other words, total price with coupon discount included is now 0.93 British pounds.

    It is the same for all currencies. Every time the currency is changed, coupon discount is recalculated in a strange way and shows incorrect numbers (sometimes even crazy numbers like 2500 CZK, which results in negative total price). However, the calculated discount is always the same, i.e. it won't change when you switch back to Euro and then to pounds again (it will still be 5.47 pounds in this case).
    I experience this issue with fixed total discount coupons only and ONLY when coupon total is higher than total price. Percentage coupons are working perfectly. Aforementioned example was done without any tax or shipping costs at all (we sell digitally distributed software on our site so there are no shipping costs).

    Joomla 1.5.10
    Virtuemart 1.1.3
    AwoCoupon 1.0.7

    Other than this, there are practically no other components installed except AceSEF (which is completely deactivated at the moment).
    There are a few custom-made tweaks in our Joomla and VM installation, so I am a bit reluctant to update. However, there are no tweaks and hacks which could interfere with coupon discount calculation that I can think of.
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     7 years ago

    As far I am aware Virtuemart does not support multiple currencies, so you must have something else installed in your Virtuemart store that controls it. It would be impossible for me to guess what the problem would be without seeing it first hand. If you like you can pm me with ftp/admin access to take a look.