coupon discount is not reflected unless user is logged in

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     6 years ago

    1. Created a coupon.
    2. User selects a product to be added to cart .
    3. User proceeds with checkout and types in a coupon
    3. Discount is not reflected in price.

    It seems that the discount reflected only once user has an account and logs in, then coupon discount reflected right away. Is there any way to configure coupon discount to be shown right away without user logging in ?

    Thank you so much in advance for any help
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     6 years ago


    If you setup your coupon using one or more of these functions, the user requires logging in:
    - select specific user
    - select specific shopper group
    - set the number of uses per user

    In all 3 cases, the user has to login in order to verify they qualify for the coupon.