Cannot create coupon + form error

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     8 years ago


    component sounds very useful, but I am having trouble. It installed without hassle on both J1.5.9 + VM 1.1.3 and J1.5.15 + VM 1.1.4 test environments.

    First error is in 'Coupons' where options should be (right hand side). Instead of options, code is there:
    lists['function_type']?> lists['coupon_value_type']?> lists['discount_type']?> lists['published']?>

    Second error is in New coupon form, all fields contain code:
    Coupon Code: row->coupon_code?>
    blank: lists['published']?>
    Function Type: lists['function_type']?>
    ...and same for all

    products and user fields contain code and instead of buttons at the bottom:

    I tried to save to see if I could save so to edit later but errors received are:
    * DB function reports no errors
    * Error trying to save the coupon

    It's as if the table in database hasn't been created upon installation (or modified if using jos_vm_coupons).
    Help getting it going would much appreciated.

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     7 years ago

    that is a weird problem. if you dont mind can you send me a private message with url/credentials to take a look at the error you are describing? I really cant tell what could be causing it.
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    Simon Johnson    
     7 years ago

    Have the same problem as Robert. Quick check seems to suggest problem is with your default.php file which does not work on my system with
    Ahh. I am running VM1.1.4 and I notice you state VM1.1.3 in system requirements - is this the problem?
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     7 years ago

    We were able to solve this one and no it wasnt the version. Awocoupon should work fine on VM1.1.4.

    Whats happening is your php translator does not understand the short tag
    short_open_tag = Off

    and change it to

    ;short_open_tag = Off
    short_open_tag = On

    Then save, and restart your server.