Awocoupon PRO include/exclude categories coupon error

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     6 years ago

    We purchased and installed awocoupon pro successfully, double checked dashboard and all files installed properly.

    We setup 2 coupons, one with specific categories the coupon can be applied to when a customer chooses an item from those categories, and the other coupon that allows all categories.

    The coupon that specifies a category - errors with Coupon code not found. Please try again. When you're logged into the store and trying to order. How can this be resolved? We tried include and exclude and it ends with the same result. Error.

    As a side not: We do not have child categories, but all of our products have child products (e.g. size variants). Thank you.

    Coupon Details
    Function Type: Coupon
    Function Type 2: Category
    Coupon Code: healthyfeet9
    Published: Published
    Percent or Amount: Amount
    Discount Type: Overall
    Value: 5.00

    Optional Fields
    Number of Uses: Per Customer #: 1
    Minimum Value:
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     6 years ago

    I received a response from your dev team right away, thank you!

    This link solved my issue :) *Thumbs up for awesome support!