assigning codes to users that are not registered

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     4 years ago

    We have several different shopper groups (e.g. "Tradespeople") that receive selected discounts on products. Now we also want to give users that are not yet registered a discount on some products. We initially tried applying the "-default-" shopper group to the discount, but the problem we are experiencing is that we get an error coming back: "the user needs to be registered". However, if we remove the "default" group from the coupon allowing everybody to apply a coupon, it means that registered users of other shopper groups (e.g. Tradespeople) can apply two different coupons: their own as well as the ones for everybody.

    Is there any way to restrict a coupon to only unregistered users so that this coupon is not available to registered users?
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     3 years ago


    Probably the best way to do it is to use "Exclude" instead of "Include" and select the shopper groups you want excluded from the coupon.