500 error when update virtuemart order status (in order detail page) after install AwoCoupon Pro.

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     6 years ago

    When I update the virtuemart order status, I always click the order number and go to the page of the detail of the order and there I change the order status and then click the "update" button (and it will send an email notification to user). It worked fine before.

    But after I installed AwoCoupon Pro, if i update the order status in the order list, it works fine. But if I go to the order detail page, and there I change the order status, after I click "update" button, I will receive an error: Cannot show the page, HTTP 500. But actually the order status is updated, and the email notification is also sent. If I go to the order list page, I can see that the order status is changed. And the email notification is also received. But I don't know why the page shows HTTP 500 error when the function actually works, and this happens after I installed AwoCoupon Pro. It doesn't influance the function but it's annoying that everytime I receive a 500 error.

    Anybody has an idea?
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     6 years ago


    I have tested this scenario and cannot reproduce. I do not know what could be causing this. Maybe you can turn on debug mode in global configuration and try it again to see if there is a mysql error? If that is not it, maybe you can look in your error log file for what the error could be.

    If you would like me to take a look at it, please send me temporary admin/ftp access in a private message.